EverTrack – Mobile GPS Tracker for Business or Private use

We are happy to announce that EverTrack Mobile GPS tracker application is available at Google Play for Free of charge. Continue reading

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Company Fleet Management – Run a stronger business

At these days numerous company use GPS tracker for fleet management, let’s see why they do that, how your competitors reduce expenses, power up their businesses.

#1 – Save Time and Increase productivity

Time management is really important in a company’s life. Every second counts, every minute costs money. With company fleet management you always know where your vehicles are and choose the optimal one to do the job. Plan the whole day just in a few minutes at the morning or make the right decisions and modify it any time when you get new orders. Company fleet management not only save time, it also increase productivity because you see the whole fleet in real time and you can solve many problems in minutes. Speed up your reaction time to reduce expenses and complete more job during the same time with fleet management…

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